Membership Overview

FSMA MembersFSMA’s purpose is to provide the vendor contacts, knowledge, and resources needed to build, manage and lead high-performing supply chains for companies that sponsor retirement and welfare benefit plans.

Our plan sponsor members are engaged in the procurement of the full range of services required to operate an employee benefit plan, whether qualified under ERISA or not, including investment advice, mutual funds, recordkeeping, IRS compliance, and asset custody.

FSMA is a peer-led organization that levels the playing field for employee benefit plan sponsors with the vendor community. We do this by providing members with access to:

  • Request For Information (“RFI”) about vendors in all service categories,
  • how to decipher the useful from the useless vendor benchmarking data,
  • best pricing from retirement plan vendors through FSMA’s group buying power,
  • templates and other resources developed from ongoing research efforts,
  • professional development via training programs,
  • regional chapters for valuable contacts with peers including local networking and educational events, and
  • resources at online portals.

Small Cost…Big Benefits to Join

Either individuals or organizations that purchase services for retirement plans and welfare benefit plans pay a minimal fee to join FSMA. Individuals pay small annual dues. FSMA’s dues for organizations are determined by the complexity of a member’s employee benefit plan and includes two options. Our plan sponsor member benefits page provides more detail.

Vendors…learn how to participate here.