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FSMA is the only association serving the specialized needs of the employee benefit plan services acquisition professional—the person responsible for negotiating and monitoring contracts with vendors of investment and administrative services. Through FSMA, companies looking to improve their employees’ retirement outcomes can do so in five ways.
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The Best Employee Benefit Plans

Membership in FSMA can help your organization buy the right services for its retirement plan or welfare benefit plan at the right time, from the right vendor, at the right price.
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FSMA’s Participating Vendor Program

FSMA admits to its participating vendor program only those organizations that deliver services that are in line with the fees they charge.

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Your Retirement Plan Review

How long has it been since your company’s retirement plan had a comprehensive review?

A periodic review is the most often ignored part of the entire retirement plan management process. FSMA has a solution; the Qualified Plan Review. It’s unbiased and meets government standards.
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PEOs and MEPs

Find out which Professional Employer Organizations’ (“PEO”) and Open Multiple Employer Plans’ (“MEP”) fees would fit the U.S. Department of Labor’s definition of “reasonable.”
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